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The London Underground was the first underground railway in the world way back in 1863 and today is a massive business employing over 12000 staff and providing train services for over 3 million passenger journeys a day. The featured site is "Going Underground" which is a light hearted look at everyday life on the London Underground. Another really interesting site is "Underground History" which has some great photos of derelict tube stations and some interesting historical facts...

London Underground Web Links
London Underground Official Website
In 1863, the first world underground railway opened in London. Today London Underground is a major business, with over 3 million passenger journeys a day, some 500 peak trains, 253 stations owned (275 served), over 12,000 staff and vast engineering assets.

London Underground Maps
Maps of the London Underground available to download and print

Animals On The Underground
If you've ever stared at a map of the London Underground and seen animals, this is the site for you!!The Animals are made up using tube lines, stations and junctions on the Underground map. Still confused? Check the site out....

District Dave's London Underground Site
A very informative site about the London Underground including great pictures, interesting facts and even information about how to become a tube train driver.

Featured London Undergound Website
Going Underground
" I've spent a lot of my life travelling on the London Underground and felt it was about time I shared my experiences and also listened to people rant and rave about their thoughts when travelling on the tube. So if you want to share your opinions on the London Underground with others or tell everyone about your own country's underground network, or if you just have any general questions about the London Underground, please sign the guest book. There's loads of other info in my site too: buskers on the tube, books to read on the underground, tube news, films about the tube, celebrity spotting, tube maps, advertising on the tube, clothes to wear on the tube, tube etiquette, food for your tube journey, ghosts and ghouls on the tube and the famous tube travelling pigeons, plus more in the future."
London Underground

Tube Prune
An unofficial web site for professional railway people working for London Underground and for those interested in the London Underground railway system.

Underground History
A great website all about the history and background of the London Underground.

Information about London Underground including pictures, good links, history and plans for the future.

Tube Planner
In July 2000 with the aim of providing an invaluable service to London Underground travellers. This website is designed to help plan your journey across London easily and quickly. Our Journey Planner covers the London Tube system and the Docklands Light Railway (DLR). This service is also supported by our interactive Tube map, Station Information, and details on popular London Attractions.

The free Encyclopedia with interesting information about the London Underground.
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