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Parks in London

The parks in London are beautiful and breathtaking, some say they are among the most spectacular parks in the world.
It is hard to believe that parks and open space account for nearly 30% of the area in London.

London Park Guide

If you think you know everything there is to know about London - think again! The websites on this page are a good resource for interesting facts and figures about London. Great pieces of trivia and quizzes to test your knowledge of England's capital city. Why not visit the sites and take some of the quizzes? We struggled with some of the questions!
If you have a good quiz about London that we might like just contact us and we may feature it on this page......

London Trivia Web Links
A great selection of questions about London. Try the quiz and test your knowledge of London.

Club Trivia
This is a tough quiz with questions to test every level of knowledge. Trivia on one of the greatest cities in the world. If you haven't been here, what are you waiting for.

London Tourist Trivia With Facts And Figures On London.
Interesting facts and other trivia about London. Did you know?.......

Travel London
The history of London explained with interesting facts and figures about the historical events that happened in London. The site also contains a timeline with dates for all the London history buffs.

London Facts
"London today is a cosmopolitan city of more than 10 million people, still the largest in western Europe and it is one of the main financial centers in the world". Just one of the many interesting facts found on this website.

Featured  London Trivia Website
London Treasures
"Get some inspiration from Londoners' recommendations or try to win a prize by telling us about your own favourite places. Take a look behind the scenes and see another London. Learn about a few famous Londoners and perhaps memorise a bit of trivia to make your friends say, "I didn't know that.

Interesting facts and trivia about London - why not join in the quiz with your friends and see how much you really know about London.
London Trivia

London Quiz
The Abceda London quiz for students and tourists!

Quiz London
Learn English online and test your knowledge of London.

A Fab Quiz About London
25 challenging questions to test your knowledge of London.

Tower of London Quiz
A challenging quiz to test how much you remember about your trip to the Tower of London.

Virtual London Tour Quiz
The aim of the tour is for you to find your way around London, complete the quiz and arrive at the correct destination by following instructions and finding information on the internet. It's impossible to get lost for very long because there are links to websites of interest along the way where you can pick up the route.
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