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It doesn't matter if you're visiting London for the first time or have lived in the city all your life, you will never discover all that this huge city has to offer. London grows, changes and evolves everyday. So rich is its history, so huge is its population, so bright is its future London really can lay claim to the role of the millennium city of the world.

In recent years the city of London has completely re invented itself, the skyline on the Thames is now dominated by the Worlds largest observation wheel, the magnificent London Eye. There is now a sprinkling of Modern architecture throughout the city to mix with the historic buildings of times gone by.


So Much to see and do

The size of London is often under estimated by those that have never been before - who would believe that London has more theatres than New York and more artists than Paris?. There are untold numbers of restaurants featuring fine cuisine from all over the world. Museums and art galleries too many to mention but its fair to say you will find a museum that tells some part of the story of mans development somewhere in the city. For those who love to shop London is the city of your dreams, from chic designer shops to the huge and world famous Harrods, to the market stalls of London Town, the choice goes on and on.

London Life

The daily life in London has changed much over the years, especially with the decline in population since the start of the 2nd world war as people have moved out to the suburbs and some have moved as far away as Oxford and Brighton. However London is now becoming the place to live again, and when you take into account the fact that London gets some 28 million visitors a year, London as you can guess is a city that rocks 24 hours a day, 352 days of the year.

The shops in London open later by UK standards, often as late as 10am, however there are parts of the city that come alive a lot earlier. The famous Smithfield meat market is open, believe it or not from midnight. Traders in the city who work on the Fair East markets are working well before dawn.

In the evening many Londoners don't rush home, but instead flock to the pubs, clubs and theatres. Those who have to commute home have to face the prospect of travelling on the underground trains, which invariably at peak times are very crowded and often delayed.

It is not uncommon now for Londoners to eat out at least once a week, which is understandable as London has the biggest range of cuisines found anywhere in Europe. After the restaurants have closed many younger Londoners move on to the many city clubs and party late into the night, often they return home as the early workers make their way to the office.

4 Seasons in London

The weather in the springtime is not good, temperatures can be low and there is usually plenty of rain.  So donít forget to pack an umbrella.

Even at the height of summer London weather can be unpredictable, however London does get its fair share of very hot days.

The months start to get colder and the nights draw in faster, however you can get some very nice Autumn days

Cold nights, frosty mornings but thankfully the "pea soup fogs" of London are now a thing of the past.

Average Daily Hours of Sunshine
January: 1
February: 2
March: 3
April: 5
May: 6
June: 7
July: 6
August: 6
September: 4
October 3
November: 1
December: 1

Average Monthly Rainfall (mm)
January: 50
February: 46
March: 45
April: 45
May: 48
June: 48
July: 52
August: 55
September: 48
October 52
November: 62
December: 48

Average Monthly Temperature Ďcí
January: 5
February: 6
March: 8
April: 12
May: 17
June: 18
July: 22
August: 22
September: 18
October 12
November: 8
December: 6

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