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If you are travelling to London by rail there are quite a few stations that you could choose to arrive at. London Euston is one of the busiest railway stations in London, serving over 51 million passengers a year and the location of the tube station within the building make this a popular choice with most people planning a visit to London. The newest form of transport in London is the Light Railway - A light rail vehicle can carry nearly three times as many passengers as a bus and the service is safe and reliable.....

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Charing Cross Station
Located in the centre of London, Charing Cross directly connects to Waterloo and London Bridge stations. Over 37 million people pass through Charing Cross every year.

Clapham Junction
One of the busiest railway stations in the world, with over 2000 trains passing through each day. There are 15 platforms, numbered 2 to 16 - there isn't a platform 1. The scene of a horrendous train crash on the 12th December 1998 when 3 commuter trains crashed and 35 people died.

London Euston

One of London's busiest railway stations, serving over 51 million passengers a year and the first inter-city railway station to be built in London.

Kings Cross
Opened in 1852 and now serves over 40 million passengers each year. This station is the terminus for the east coast main line. Kings Cross features in the Harry Potter books by J.K.Rowling as the location where the Hogwarts Express departed - platform nine and three quarters. In the film the actual station used was Marylebone.

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Docklands Light Railway
Light rail uses the latest technology. Trains can run as single units, in articulated, or linked units, on tracks set beside or in the middle of streets or on their own private right of way. A standard light rail vehicle can carry up to 250 people - nearly treble the capacity of a typical bus. Compared with conventional trains, there can be more frequent stops, seldom more than 600 metres apart. With segregated tracks, there are no traffic jams, and the service is safe and reliable.

Railway Stations in London

Station Manager
Network Rail
CP3-1-J General Offices
Waterloo station

Station Manager
Network Rail
3rd Floor
Kentside Offices
Victoria station

Station Manager
1st Floor
Tournament House
Paddington station
W2 1HQ

London Bridge
Station Manager
Network Rail
Platform 14
Station Approach, D Block
London Bridge station

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