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This page features a range of radio stations broadcasting programs in London, UK. There is certainly a type of music to suit everyone including, rock, pop, golden oldies, classical, easy listening and programs for children, schools and families. The main featured site is "Paul's Place" which has a wealth of information for radio stations in and around London.
If you have a local radio station in London or would like your London radio website to feature on this page, please contact us....

London Radio Web Links
BBC Radio 1
98.8 FM
Popular music, fun and games, aimed at the younger generation.

BBC Radio 2

88 - 91 FM
Middle of the road music, chat, discussions and phone-ins.

BBC Radio 3
90 - 93 FM
Classical music, often broadcasts live concerts.

BBC London
94.9 FM
Phone-ins, lively chat and debate, good weekend sports coverage.

Capital FM
95.8 FM
The most popular independent station in the Greater London area, especially with the younger audience. Latest chart hits and a constant up beat feel, perfect tonic to get you moving in a morning.
Featured London Radio Website
Pauls's Place
This site is a guide to stations in frequency order (within each waveband), so you can tune along the dial and instantly decode what you're listening to. It's in an easy-to-print format. There is a short review of most stations along with details such as address and phone numbers and links to station web sites, including live audio links where available. (Note that some live audio links are occasionally out of service). The list is limited to stations that you can receive inside the M25. This is a motorway about 120 miles in circumference around London. Assuming it is circular (it isn't) this corresponds to a radius of about 19 miles or 30 km. With a population of around 8 million, London is by far the biggest market for radio in the UK.
Radio in London

Radio for children and family

Capital Disney
Chart music and stories for kids

Capital Gold
Easy listening and golden oldies

Classic Gold Breeze
Hits of 60's 70's and 80's

Galaxy Digital
Dance music and R&B

Heavy Metal and rock

Kiss 100
Classic dance anthems

London Greek Radio
Music for the Greek community

Virgin Radio
Rock music from last 30 years

Christian worship radio
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