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This page features websites with a host of information about health for London and the surrounding boroughs. There is even information for London health spas and beauty tips. If you have a website that contains information about health for people in London why not let us know and we may feature it on this page of our site......

London Health Web Links
Contains information about health services and links to websites selling various health products.

London Health Commission
The London Health Commission works in partnership with agencies across the capital to reduce health inequalities and improve the health and well being of all Londoners.

North West London Health Authority
Our aim is to support local organisations which commission and deliver NHS care to improve the health of local people through better access to healthcare advice, services and ongoing care.

Mayor Of London - London Health Authority
The Mayor's London Health Commission brings together organisations from across the city to tackle health inequalities and improve the health of Londoners.

Featured  London Health Website

The Portal for information on London hospitals.
London Medicine embraces all aspects of London's healthcare delivery. We provide the only comprehensive portal for accurate information on medical treatments, courses and jobs in London hospitals, both NHS and private. Features include a database of all the latest job vacancies in London and the surrounding boroughs. Use the search facility to browse for hospitals in London by various categories including treatment offered, area or by name.

Contact Details:
Fax your enquiry to us on 020 7665 1537
Call the London Medicine Helpline on 020 7665 1575.

Health In London

  London NHS Trust
A directory of NHS trusts providing hospital and mental health services in London.

  NHS London
A site about modernising the NHS in London. Intended for anyone with an interest in improving London's NHS and social care services.

  NHS Direct
A website providing health information and advice. Supported by a 24 hour nurse advice and information helpline.

London Consultants
News about London independent hospitals, a registry of consultants and a forum for interchange of views.

London Health Spa
The Sanctuary
12 Floral Street
Covent Garden

Tel: 0870 770 3350
The Health Spa for women.

London Health and Clinics
Health and beauty information for London and the surrounding boroughs.

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