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Here are some interesting London chat sites. If you need to ask a question about anything in London, this would be a good place to start. These virtual chat room sites are packed full of interesting ideas and are a great place for everyone to meet, exchange opinions, share advice and say hello.

If you know of a good chat site that you would like us to feature, send us an email and we will see what we can do....

London Chat Web Links

London SE1 Forum
A very informative London Community website - chat, places of worship, health & leisure, education and other topics of conversation.

Tiger Tom
Another interesting chat site with many interesting features. Choose from a choice of virtual rooms including lounge, dating, video and club.

Confetti Cafe
Are you getting married? This is a great site where you can get together with other people to discuss wedding ideas and chat with other brides to be in London. A host of expert information and advice on weddings.

London Wasps Chat Room
The official site of the London Wasps - The popular rugby union team.

Use the chat room on the site to communicate with other loyal supporters, ask questions and get your point of view across.

London Chat Sites

  UK Chatterbox
Chatrooms and websites catering for people in and around the London area. A great place for everyone to meet, exchange opinions, share advice and say hello.

  This is London
Share your thoughts on any aspect of working, living or going out in London.
Chill out and chat in the London Lounge.

  London Live and Direct Another good chat site for people in London.

Tube Gossip
We all eavesdrop from time to time. This site features quotes that have been overheard on the London Underground.

London Chat
A chat website by Messagebox. Join in and chat about London.

Tottenham Hotspur Chat
Post a message on the board and discuss anything to do with Tottenham Hotspurs Football Club.

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