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Tourist Board Rated Hotels
The English, Welsh and Scottish Tourist Boards inspect hotels and guest houses and award them with various ratings according to the UK's national rating scheme.

Hotels are assessed and awarded a Star rating according to the level of service, range of facilities and quality of guest care they provide.

1 star rated
Practical accommodation with a limited range of facilities and services, but a high standard of cleanliness throughout . Friendly and courteous staff to give help and information customers need to enjoy their stay. Restaurant/eating area for breakfast. Alcoholic drinks will be served in a bar or lounge. 75% of bedrooms with en-suite or private facilities.

2 star rated
Good overnight accommodation with more comfortable and better equipped bedrooms - all with en-suite or private facilities and colour television. A relatively straightforward range of services, including food and drink and a personal style of service. A restaurant/dining room for breakfast seven days a week and dinner at least five days a week. A life may be available.

3 star rated
Possibly larger establishments, but all offering significantly greater quality and range of facilities and services, and usually more spacious public areas and bedrooms. A more formal style of service with a receptionist on duty and staff responding well to needs and requests. Room service of continental breakfast.  Laundry service available . A wide selection of drinks, light lunch and snacks served in a bar or lounge.

4 star rated
Accommodation offering superior comfort and quality; all bedrooms with en-suite bath, fitted overhead shower and WC. Spacious and very well appointed public areas and a strong emphasis on food and drink. Staff with very good technical and social skills, anticipating and responding to needs and requests. Room service of all meals and 24 hour drinks, refreshments and snacks. Dry cleaning service available.

5 star rated
A luxurious establishment offering the highest international quality of accommodation, facilities, services and cuisine. Striking accommodation throughout, with a range of extra facilities. The customer will feel very well cared for by professional, attentive staff providing flawless guest services. The highest international standards for the industry, with an air of luxury, exceptional comfort and a sophisticated ambience.

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