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RAC Rated Hotels In London
RAC ratings are carefully awarded to enable you to choose the accommodation that suits your needs and your pocket.

Every hotel listed below has been visited by an RAC inspector. They will have tried the beds, eaten the breakfast and checked all the other service and customer care elements, which are vital to an enjoyable overnight stay.

2 star rated
Small to medium sized hotels with more extensive facilities than 1 Star Hotels. You can expect comfortable well-equipped overnight accommodation, usually with an en suite bath/shower room. Reception and other staff will aim for a more professional presentation than at a 1 star level and offer a wider range of services, including food and drink.

3 star rated
3 Star hotels are usually large enough to support higher staffing levels, and offer a significantly greater quality and range of facilities than 1 or 2 Star hotels. Reception and other public rooms will be more spacious and the restaurant will normally also cater for non-residents. All bedrooms will have fully en suite bath and shower rooms and offer a good standard of comfort and facilities, such as a hair dryer, direct dial telephone and bathroom toiletries. Some room service can be expected and some provision for business travellers.

4 star rated
Expectations at this level include a degree of luxury as well as quality in furnishings, décor and equipment throughout the hotel. Bedrooms will usually offer more space than at lower Star levels, with well designed, co-ordinated furnishings. En suite bathrooms will have both a bath and a fixed shower. There will be sufficient staff to provide services such as porterage, 24-hour room service, laundry and dry-cleaning. The restaurant will demonstrate a serious approach to cuisine.

5 star rated
In a 5 Star hotel, you should find spacious and luxurious accommodation of the best international standards throughout the hotel. Interior design should impress with its quality, detailing, comfort and elegance. Furnishings should be immaculate. Services should be formal, well supervised and flawless in attention to guests' needs without being intrusive.

The restaurant will be technically excellent, producing dishes to the highest international standards. Staff will be knowledgeable, courteous and efficient, as well as being well-versed in all aspects of customer care.

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